For now, this page is dedicated to defining frequently used astrology keywords on the website. Use it to clear up any confusion if you are just starting out learning astrology. To search quicker, use Ctrl + f to search the definition you want. If there are any terms you would like defined or to be added here, please contact me and I’ll add it to the list ASAP.


Air Signs – See Element.

Benefic – A planet (usually either Jupiter or Venus) that typically bestows fortunate events and tendencies.

Birth Chart – An astrology chart drawn up for a particular individual, mapping the placement of the planets at the time of birth. For the best results from a natal reading, it is recommended to know your exact birth time.

Cadent – Refers to the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses. These houses generate less activity than angular and succeedant houses. Any planet found in cadent houses are said to express itself weakly.

Cardinal Signs – See Modality.

Delineation – Another way to describe interpreting a horoscope

Detriment – A planet found opposite the sign it rules; its energy is weakened. The planet in said sign finds itself in enemy territory, making it more difficult to express its energy.

Earth Signs – See Element.

Element – Refers to fire, earth, air, and water, which describe the general natures of the signs within that element: Fire signs are more choleric, straightforward and hot tempered; Earth signs tend to be stoic and stable; air signs deal mostly with communication and connecting people; and water signs are emotional and sensitive.

Exaltation – A planet found in a sign with energies harmonious to its own; the second most powerful placement for a planet. The planet in question finds itself in a favorable place, allowing it to express its own energy very handsomely.

Fall – A planet located in a sign whose energies are vastly different from the planet; the weakest position for a planet. The planet in question finds itself in a completely foreign land and has little resources to express itself genuinely.

Feminine – Adjective meaning “internalizing,” “passive,” “receptive,” or “negative.”

Fire Signs – See Element.

Fixed Signs – See Modality.

Horoscope – A map of the heavens at a specific time and place on earth. See Birth chart.

House – Divisions of the sky used to more easily draw up a natal chart. Each house describes different fields of life experience. (See the Houses page for more information.)

Malefic – A planet (usually Mars or Saturn) that typically bestows unfortunate events and tendencies.

Masculine – Adjective meaning “outgoing,” “penetrative,” “active,” or “positive”

Modality – Refers to cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs; describes the initiating, stabilizing or fluctuating tendencies of the signs. Cardinal signs begin each season, representing active, outgoing energy. Fixed signs are found in the center of the seasons, representing staying power and stability. Mutable signs are the period of change between seasons, representing the changeable nature of these natives.

Mutable Signs – See Modality.

Native – The subject of the horoscope.

Neutral – A planet (usually Mercury) that can bestow either fortunate or unfortunate events and tendencies based on where it is placed and aspects to it.

Peregrine – Refers to a planet in the natal chart that makes no Ptolemaic aspects with any other planet in the natal chart. Peregrine planets often pure expressions of energy without challenges or support from other planets in the chart.

Polarity – Refers to positive or negative signs; used to denote whether a sign expresses itself actively or passively through a native.

Ruler – A planet that shares an identical energy with a sign and so has its most beneficial position; the strongest placement for a planet. The planet finds itself at home, where it can easily express itself at its highest level.

Stellium – When 3 or more planets and points are within the same house or sign in the natal chart. For example, having the Sun, Moon, Venus and the North Node packed together in your fourth house, or in Aquarius.

Water Signs – See Element.

Zodiac Signs – The zodiac is a circle of space surrounding the Earth, a belt in the heavens about fifteen degrees wide. It shows the path of the Sun through the sky, also known as the ecliptic. Each of the twelve zodiac signs is divided into 30° equally, totaling 360° all around. (See the Zodiac Signs pages for more information.)

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