Planets in Houses

Use this page to find out more about your natal planets in their house.

First House

The first house is about the self, our identity, our life purpose, and our goals. Any planets placed in your first house will deeply affect your physical body, how you carry yourself, and your views about yourself and sense of identity.

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Second House

The second house deals with our wealth, possessions and family values. Planets in the second house affect your ability to make money, how you spend money, your access to resources, and how important your values are to you.

Third House

The third house deals with all forms of communication, our speech, writing, and ability to learn. It deals with our neighborhood, early education, and our siblings and extended family. Your planets here will affect how you think, learn and your experiences with members of your family (aside from your parents).

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Fourth House

The fourth house represents the nurturing parent, mother, our emotional nature, our home, matters dealing with land, and the situation at the end of life. Planets here affect the experience with the mother, describe our usual emotional states, our relationship with real estate and land ownership, and the likely situation towards the end of your life.

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Fifth House

The fifth house is the house of opportunity, amusement, sex, gambling, speculation, children, creativity and self expression. Planets in the fifth house describe how we express our creative sides, our recreational activities, our views on children, and our tendency to take risks.

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Sixth House

The sixth house represents our daily habits, our work unrelated to career, our skillsets, our diets, domestic animals, sense of civil service and our general health. Planets in the sixth house describe our work ethic, experience with employees or servants, overall state of health, relationship with pets, and tendency to serve others.

Seventh House

The seventh house is about one-on-one relationships, specifically the marriage partner, close friends, business partners, and rivals. Planets here show how we tend to pursue or act in relationships, and also how we typically interact with the public in general.

Eighth House

The eighth house is the house of mysticism, obligations to others, debts, inheritances, death, loss, sex, and the resources of others. Planets in the eighth house have emotional depth, tend to be hidden from the us, and show how fortunate we are in obtaining resources from others.

Ninth House

The ninth house deals with long journeys, foreign countries, education, law, philosophy, and spiritual tendencies. Planets found here denote our philosophical views on life, our desire to gain higher education, our relationship with law, and our belief in a higher power.

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Tenth House

The tenth house governs the financial, authoritative parent, the father, our occupation related to career, vocation, fame, government, and our employer. Planets in the tenth house reveal how ambitious we are, how we achieve our goals, our experience with our father, our relationship with employers, and our public image.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house rules our social circles, associations, hopes and wishes, and income from our tenth house employment. Planets here signify how easily we make friends, our likelihood of gains from employment, and how we go about fulfilling our dreams.

Twelfth House

The twelfth house rules over hidden things, spirituality, unexpected troubles, institutions, hospitals, self-undoing, hidden enemies isolation, and our sense of service to the world. Planets found here are often harder to express than normal, work better either in isolation or in selfless service to others, or function on a spiritual level.

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