We often think of the sun as the great provider and the fecundating agent in nature. In astrology, the sun represents the soul, the will and the individuality. It is the person’s well of talent and ability, the light we incarnate to grow into and share with others. The sun symbolizes authority, leadership, governmental power, and the top dog.

Although we do have a sense of self as intelligent creatures, the sun shows what is innate and natural to us. Its placement helps define how we choose to take on life’s eternal struggle. A sun in Aries shows an individual who acts quickly and abruptly; he hardly plans his life but is so adaptable to his environment that it adds more excitement than worry. A native with sun in Cancer, however, is a bit more reserved, more sensitive, withholding and defensive. They channel their outgoing, impulsive energy through quieter, more peaceful and creative methods like art, music, nurturing another, etc.

The trickiness of the sun lies in the belief that Western societies have propagated of identifying with our actions. This feeds the ego and is why a tyrannical, overly aggressive interpretation of the sun’s placement is also quite possible. However, if we can avoid identifying with the ego, the sun represents the bright future ahead where we shine our gifts onto the people around us.

Sun in the Signs

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Sun in the Houses

Tibetan Medicine at Secret Energy

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