Keywords for Uranus:

suddenness, surprise, accidents, explosions, electricity, machines, technology, inventions, electrical appliances, telephones, radio, ingenious, intellectual freedom, liberty, independence, vehicles, railroads, electric industry, airplanes, intuition, innovation, evolution, curiosity, sudden inspiration, erratic, unconventional, different, weird, unexpected things, astrology, psychical research occult, telepathy humanitarian, lightning, insights, exotic, eccentric, ankles, platinum, aluminum, radioactive elements, Aquarius, eleventh house, rebellion, revolution, breaking the rules, uniqueness, shock value, adventurous, excitement, unemotional, brilliance, computers, electronics, original, progressive, reformative, socially talented, metaphysical, unique, clairvoyant, magnetic, premonitory, constructive, abnormal, fantastic, extreme, nomadic, abrupt, repellent, grotesque, precipitate, premature, destructive, radical,

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(Coming Soon)

We now move past the limits of Saturn to the eccentric, electric powerhouse that is Uranus. Without the fears and delays of Father time getting in our way, we acknowledge that humanity is always progressing, that things in this world hardly ever stay the same. Sometimes events surprise us; a stroke of genius leads to a scientific breakthrough; an accident catches us off guard for a second.

Uranus rules that suddenness in all three scenarios. That of innovation, the youthful search for independence, a freak accident which caused a near death experience, all have in common the notion of breaking the limits of what was once thought impossible. Thus Uranus also represents technology and invention, which are always evolving and becoming more refined. This oddball planet reminds us that new and exciting things are always coming and the most invigorating part is we may never know when.

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