My Reason

Every human being alive should know the placement of the planets and stars the moment he or she was born. Not only does the horoscope of the individual tell her where she has been and currently is on her spiritual path, it also presents her with more than enough indication of the troubles and milestones she will need to pass to experience her personal evolution in human consciousness. This website is dedicated to giving as much information as possible on how to interpret the motions and energies of the planets, as well as how to cast and read a horoscope.

Astrology is the study of the movement of several bodies in our solar system and how those movements affect us from birth onward. It is a science such that no matter whether you “believe” in it or not, it still affects you, your family, your friends, and everything on the planet.

However, once you know the affect the planets have on you, once the soul understands a powerful technique better at managing its energy usage and habits than what mainstream psychology and pharmaceuticals put forth, it can blossom to become something loving, nurturing, and sharing.

Astrology can help one to realign with his or her duty, with her soul purpose, with his mission. The various energies bestowed by the planets offer us so much potential and light, but it is only through awareness and effort that they can be directed in their most productive pathways.

The average man with no knowledge of self can accomplish plenty by society’s standards.

The learned man who knows himself first can accomplish everything he came here to do, regardless of social acceptance.

Join me in this journey to understand the movement and the energy of the planets, the stars, the sky, and how we can best work with those energies on a day-to-day basis. 

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