Cancer – The Crab

Cancer Keywords





Cancer, the feeler of the zodiac. It is cold, moist, feminine, and negative. In this sign, the Sun reaches its highest point (known as the summer solstice), remaining there for three days. Cancer is receptive, transforming, metamorphic, and nurturing, but timid and lacking in vitality.

Cancer is represented by the crab, who has his house on his back, showing possession and retention; the breasts which symbolizes motherhood, nurturing, to cherish, to ripen, to carry, to bear. Cancer rules the breasts, chest, stomach; pancreas and thoracic dust. Associated with the mother, holy water; lakes, rivers, brooks, places where vegetables grow; homes, real estate, stalls, taverns, water tanks.

Cancer represents our emotional self, the private side of ourselves that we work hard to protect. When we retreat into our safe havens or become moody and melancholy, we are acting from our Cancerian selves. Being a cardinal, watery sign, Cancer also pertains to our creative side. Although it is watery and changeable, Cancer has a tendency to be needy or clingy (as the crab has pincers) when it does find someone or something that makes it feel safe, listened to and taken care of.

Planets found in this sign affect how the native expresses their feelings, how they create from their emotions and not only the early family environment but also the family environment he or she seeks to manifest when the get older. Whichever house cusp falls in Cancer shows how the native views the family, their mother, and how fruitful he or she will fare in real estate matters.

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