Capricorn – The Goatfish

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No need to fret: Capricorn has the answer you have been looking for and has been patiently waiting for your inquiry. This slow yet practical sign is very ambitious about its goals and will achieve them no matter how long or how much effort it takes.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the sign of slow and steady wins the race. Unlike the jumpy Aries or the cooperative Libra, this sign states “I will do it” and then meticulously prepares the blueprint for the job. There is definitely no room for mistakes or emotions with Capricorn. As such these natives can be cold, calculating, and very demanding.

Capricorn may also represent long-standing institutions and traditions; therefore wisdom and knowledge of the material reality fall under this sign. Saturn is Chronos, a.k.a. Father Time, Santa Claus, Odin, the white-bearded father male who always represents Daddy, the father figure, the one who knows better because he has seen it all.

Interestingly Saturn has a revolution period of 29.5 years, which happens to coincide with the average lifespan of man for thousands of years before modern medicine. Thus Saturn (and its ruling sign Capricorn) came to be known as the Grim Reaper, Lord of Karma and due time.

The fear surrounding limitations of reality and time is also related to the crunch for resources during Capricorn season, the winter time. Did we have a plentiful harvest and are set for the winter’s chill? Or have we farted around too much during the crucial part of the year, and now we have to deal with scarcity of goods? With the former we find ourselves pleased at how well-prepared we are; in the latter situation a really primal fear arises and we begin to doubt our chances of surviving the most trying challenge nature puts us through. Matters become very serious.

Going back to tradition, Capricorn represents that which has stood the test of time. Governments, culture, habits, teachings and lessons are things which are reliable, stable and very bureaucratic, i.e. structured. Changing the foundation of anything that has existed for a decent length of time is tough; there is initial inertia that resists incoming variance. But Capricorn is not as rigid as its fixed cousin Taurus; this cardinal sign embraces change if it must, pushing through the resistance and prepares the next, more refined, more stable version.

Capricorn also rules laborious workers, masonry, bricklayers, builders, all occupations where the head is down and the body and mind are at work.

Planets in Capricorn absorb its hardworking and ambitious nature; they become practical and capable of sustained activity. However there is a thin line here between being in control of the energy and feeling the energy is being controlled by external forces. Whatever house falls into Capricorn takes a turn for the serious and the native finds that area of life has deeper meaning to him than he believes.

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