Gemini – The Twins

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Gemini is the chatty, bratty, yet clever member of the zodiac. It is an airy, mutable sign. The third sign of the zodiac is symbolized by either two twins, a portal (doorway), twin pillars or the Chinese Monkey of the Three Graces, clasping their hands over their ears, eyes and mouth. Gemini has been related to Buddha or Krishna by ancient Hindus as it represents a search for knowledge and disseminating what was learned. Usually, Gemini is depicted by the Greek brothers Castor and Pollox, the mythological characters represented by the constellation.

Gemini rules the nervous system, shoulders, collarbones, arms, lungs, and rib cage. It is associated with all things communication (letters, emails, speech, body language), short journeys, knowledge, teaching, siblings and relatives, and vehicles; granaries, coffers, pillared building, doorways, anything in pairs. Gemini is an air sign and is also mutable, signalling the transition of the spring season into the summer.

Gemini rules communication and all the ways we take in and share using the mind. It rules our thoughts, speech, the news, chatter, gossip, daily habits, mental structures, perception, and other mechanisms of our minds. In an immature native, it can represent how he uses the mind to manipulate others, how sarcastic and prankish he may be, and how little he values his own mind. However, this inherent trickiness of Gemini (and the planet Mercury) is what contributes to its easygoing nature.

Planets located in Gemini are marked by a talkative, active, curious nature that pushes the native to seek and discuss. The house that Gemini is found is influenced by its chatty nature and tends to deal with information and local interaction in some form.

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