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Libra is the beginning of the second half of the zodiac, which is more public or “other” oriented. Libra is the sign of intimate relationships. As often noted these relationships are not always positive and loving as Libra also represents our known enemies and rivals.

Libra rules fine art and music, representing a higher echelon of Venus energy. Imagine Taurus as an early-to-late 20s Venus enjoying the boon of youth, while Libra is more the mature and wizened 40-year-old Venus who has a much finer taste than her younger self. When it comes to this side of Libra, think museums, galleries, operas, and orchestras.

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The seventh sign of the zodiac is an air sign of the cardinal modality, meaning its initiating energy is put towards relating to other people. These natives strive heavily to achieve harmony and peace in their relations; to them each party deserves their fair share. Sun sign Libras tend to be diplomatic, accommodating, and keep up their appearances. To them, being beautiful means everything.

What often happens with these natives, or people with heavy emphasis in Libra, is that they give up themselves for the sake of their partners and close friends. Really it depends on what houses Libra and Venus lie within.

If they sit in angular houses, the native becomes obsessed with achieving some fairness in their relationships, although the seesaw almost always tips over onto the other party’s side. This makes it difficult for the native to express his or her true self. In some cases the opposite is true and the diplomatic nature is utilized to obtain what the native wants through manipulation and a smile.

Evolved Libras tend to fully embody the scales that represent this sign. They use the energy in a more balanced and compromising way, understanding both their own needs and those of their partner. These people can negotiate their way out of a warzone. What’s theirs is an uncanny ability to know just the right middle ground to appease everyone without sacrificing anyone’s integrity.

The balance of scales has its downfall in decision making, especially if the Moon or Mercury falls here. They may have a strong tendency to be too giving and serving, along with chronic indecision over even the smallest matters.

Planets found in Libra generally affect how the native treats public relationships, business and contracts, views relationships and considers the fine arts. The house cusp it is found on shows where the native tries to keep peace and express their higher creative faculties.

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