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No one can really say for certain what Pisces natives are thinking about, except for other Pisces natives. The biggest question on these people’s minds is often “Why am I even here.” They struggle very much with their intense sensitivity to both the material reality and the psychic/spiritual reality, as represented by the two different direction in which the Fishes swim.

Daydreaming, nightdreaming, imagination, creation, artistry, music, abstractions: all are an attempt to find an answer to the burning question: “What am I doing here”. This inquiry will remain a constant blaring alarm in the Pisces individual until purpose is attained through whatever belief the native clings on to, whether it’s having basic human decency or a grand spiritual mission. The Pisces person desperately needs something to believe in.

The downside of lacking any purpose or conviction for these natives is nihilist extremes of one form or another. The most prevalent extreme is escapism which is a complete renunciation of physical existence. Escapism takes many forms, from narcotic abuse, to indulgence in entertainment and lust, to drowning in banal trivia, and so forth. Pisces individuals are really the most versatile members of the entire zodiac given their propensity to take almost any action out of that inner emptiness. Admittedly, though, it will in some way be a denial of physical reality.

It would seem in some capacity that conscious (or perhaps all) Pisces individuals are keenly aware of the duality of life: namely that we are more than just human animals, that we are something greater having this human experience. This belief sparks the search for a purpose that answers that question “Why am I here,” which must be found for the Pisces individual to act consciously on the physical plane.

Lacking purpose yet having some awareness of the illusion of life, the Pisces native can easily develop a religious attitude. Unseen forces are suddenly the cause of misfortunes and episodes of inactivity. Suddenly he is forced to surrender control to circumstances, blaming this person and that situation for how the individual lies to himself to justify his inability to take responsibility for life.

This is when Pisces’ worst traits surface: lying, deceit, vacillation, victimizing and blaming, guilt, keeping secrets even from himself, having long periods of inactivity and wishful thinking, and remaining blissfully ignorant of facts and reality. There is nothing a Pisces individual hates more than the mere idea that life is meaningless. He learns to hate everything and everyone internally yet still finds a way to smile and keep a cheery visage when communicating with others. It is quite possibly the saddest existence.

When the light of life’s mission is found, when purpose is attained and a goal is set, Pisces natives become paragons of service, empathy, sympathy and healing. Even as a mutable sign, for some odd reason, they gain the initiative of the cardinal modality and the conviction of the fixed modality. Pisces natives can somehow channel the energy of each zodiac before them at will. They learn to accomplish any goal and hop over any hurdle to see their objective completed using their amazing creativity.

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