Sagittarius – The Archer

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There are two sides to life: Capricorn represents the older, wiser man who has experienced much of life on the material plane; meanwhile Sagittarius is the youth whose life has just begun and is seeking experience everywhere he goes. And what a wonderful bunch these people are! Sagittarius natives are known for their happiness and eagerness to see things in life. They are passionate about everything they do, being a fiery mutable sign.

What can be described as happiness is really optimism and a deep belief in the providence of the universe. However they can extend this bright side too much, leading to overconfidence, overspending, oversight, etc. They can also be really blunt when speaking with others, as the fire signs can be brutally honest when giving advice. Sagittarius natives do tend to be wiser than their age, and their general good luck in life saves them most of the time.

The symbol of the centaur is two-fold: half man and half horse. The man represents direction and intention, the budding growth of human experience on this planet. He draws back the arrow, ready to fire into the next adventure. The horse is the beastly nature of man, from whence he came and from whence he must rise if he wants to join his creators in the cosmos. Sagittarius is the combination of both, and is best when expressed with other people as it is a mutable sign.

For those with Sun in Sagittarius, their minds operate like a televangelist; they may push their ideas and beliefs on others without consideration. This could be advantageous as a preacher or philosopher but not so much for a friend or family member. They may love to travel to foreign lands or study foreign cultures or law. Because they seek adventure so zealously, they can be tough to keep up with. If you can match their zest for life, you will not find a more advisable, just, and optimistic friend.

Sagittarius is of the fiery element, revealing its passionate and intuitive nature. In fact, this sign is tied heavily to spirituality. However, because this sign is also mutable it can mean these natives find something new to be excited about every other week. This is not due to lack of loyalty; rather Sagittarians have such a passion for experience and life that they develop interest in whatever they are doing, enjoy it for what it is, and then move on to the next adventure. Such is why they have judgments and opinions about everything and why they can generously give of what they have to others to support their own quests for knowledge. This is opposed to the more detached Gemini who is merely curious in knowing and learning at a surface level, not necessarily passionate about anything.

Sagittarians, through their experiences in life, innerstand deeply just how much support the divine has for life. Their great luck is the result of their immense faith in taking opportunities that everything will work out fine. However, they can also fail to realize that life’s cruelty will not always be abated purely by optimism and confidence.

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