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The second sign of the zodiac is concerned less with ideas (as fiery Aries) and more with practical results. Taurus is a cold, moist sign of the feminine polarity, meaning it is receptive and passive. It is the sign of material security, indulgence, and sensual pleasures. It also represents resources, determination, patience, perseverance, and especially the actual planet Earth, as Taurus is a fixed earth sign.

Taurus is the middle sign, or fixed sign of the spring season. Its symbol of the bull suggests energy in reserve, endurance and stability. The bull of Taurus has its head down and front legs poised to charge, representing potential energy. However this bull is preparing to charge with ferocity, showing the Taurus native possesses a stubborn and tenacious nature. It is ill advised to deeply upset these natives as they can hold on to a grudge for a long time and wait patiently for their vengeance, much like their zodiacal cousins in Scorpio.

Parts of the body ruled by Taurus include the neck, throat, ears, Eustachian tubes, tonsils, upper portion of esophagus, palate, thyroid gland and vocal chords. It is also associated with money, banks, sheds, pastures, rings, and locations where property and food are stored.

The Taurean energy is obsessed with possessions, what is valuable, and feeling comfortable. The Sun here magnifies an identification with acquiring gizmos and gadgets, books, furniture, and arts of all types; the Moon exalted in Taurus makes it a psychological need to have what one values. This is neither good nor bad, but care must be taken to ensure only what is necessary is acquired and not what fulfills a fleeting desire of the ego.

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As the resources of the group are more important than those of the self, discerning this reality forces the native into a more mature perspective of utilizing and gathering material objects. The native realizes the satisfaction of the ego does not necessitate a better outcome for the community, and he learns to share unselfishly and in a balanced manner.

Planets found in Taurus will exercise their qualities reservedly and with great patience. In some cases, as with Mars in Taurus, it can represent a lack of passion or energy, manifesting as laziness instead of determination.

Where Taurus lies on the house cusp shows where the native seeks the most comforting experiences in his or her life.

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