Virgo – The Virgin

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Virgo is the worrier of the zodiac. It is cold, dry, feminine and negative. This sign is concerned deeply with efficiency. It is represented by the Virgin who holds the useful head of wheat in one hand and the inedible stalk in the other. Thus, this sign also represents the resources of the community and how it is shared among each member respectfully.

This sign has a much deeper meaning however. In ancient times, “virgin” did not necessarily refer to a celibate person as it does today. It meant a woman who was beholden to no man, recognized as a free person able to make her own decisions about her body and her life’s direction. In fact, some virgins were temple prostitutes who helped soldiers coming home from war transition from the blood-soaked battlefield to home life and civilization. This act was viewed as extremely holy and a divine duty.

In much the same way, Virgo symbolizes how we can transition ourselves from a benign existence to one of pure divine intention. The worrying or critical nature often prescribed to this sign comes from a desire to see everything set in its rightful place. Virgo sun natives tend to have anxiety and bowel issues, but adopting relaxation techniques and learning to let go of their exacting expectations of others can remedy these ailments.

Virgo has a bearing on matters pertaining to sickness, hygiene, clothing, food, cereals, employees, servants, service, works, and domestic animals. It rules the bowels and abdomen, specifically the duodenum and peritoneum and is associated with female protagonists. Virgo also represents public health, general conditions of working people, domestic animals, municipal matters, national service, army or navy, labor, agriculture, medicinal herbs, and so on.

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