Uranus in the Tenth House

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

Natal Uranus in the tenth house indicates someone whose career is exciting and innovative in some manner. It is very likely they will be freelancers or otherwise independent. Engineering, computer science, machinery, science, astrology, tarot – these are some apt vocations for this position. These natives love a career where they get to explore every day and share their innovative ideas with others. Depending on where Mars is located, this could indicate a daredevil or someone who makes a living performing extreme sports or thrill-seeking.

The tenth house is connected to the father figure, who could be a very eccentric, unusual person. He may vacate the family, as Uranus compels people to rebel and seek their personal freedom. It could also manifest as an erratic career for the native. They might jump from job to job every few months searching for one that properly gives them the freedom they desire in the workplace. This cycle will continue until the native tries their hand at working for themselves.

The adventure that Uranus seeks in the tenth may tempt the native to never return home, always being on the run. This is especially true if Uranus is conjunct to the Midheaven from the ninth house. It gives them a rush to explore and to accomplish. But it can be hard for them to settle down. Uranus already has difficulty dealing with emotions, and being opposed to the fourth house gives it a practical outlet to escape those mushy feelings.

As the tenth house contains similar elements of Capricorn and Saturn, obstacles are common with this placement. But “practice makes perfect,” and these natives stick in and achieve using the genius and unconventional gifts of Uranus. If they can apply discipline and actually materialize their crazy ideas, they would find their lives moving in high speed. These people are fantastic entrepreneurs, people who can imagine the next gadget or electronic device. They are geniuses at making money if they can contain the electricity in the bottle.

Otherwise Uranus desires anarchy and dissent from typical career choices. A passionate hatred builds up for “sheeple” and “boring” people, and these natives try to force their ideas as grand and unique. They could be the erratic person the world can point at to say “Don’t be like him/her.” They try desperately to create the unique career they desire by breaking free from the traditions of society, doing everything by themselves. But another popular saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel,” is very solid advice for these people. These natives have to learn to cooperate with people, at least as far as it takes to get their business off the ground.

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