Keywords for Saturn:

limits, waiting, tests, challenges, restrictions, father, difficulty, isolation, sadness, doubt, feats, manifestation, accomplishments, work, karma, reaping what you sow, old age, traditions, habits, old standing beliefs, experience, discipline, obstacles, structure, planning, reality check, disappointment, failure, mistakes, maturity, exacting, physical form, sense of hearing, solidification, discrimination, binding, cohesive, adhesive, sustaining, farming, cement work, bricklaying, pottery, masonry, plumbing, laborious and uncongenial employment, property owners, teeth, bones, spleen, knees, right ear, black, lead, Saturday, Capricorn, Aquarius, tenth house, eleventh house, goals, preparation, teachers, buildings, pressure, boundaries, integrity, slowness, patience, delays, practice, foundations, prudent, contemplative, responsible, precise, persistent, persevering, industrious, provident, economical, reserved, serious, resolute, considerate, mathematical, temperate, chaste, executive, skeptical, melancholic, deceitful, incompetent, exacting, avaricious, perverse, indifferent, laborious, impotent, repining, acquisitive, secretive, suspicious, fearful, callous, lewd, pessimistic, unreliable

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There is a different reaction from everyone to ideas like responsibility, commitment, tradition, society. Saturn’s influence brings a certain maturity that we don’t find with Jupiter; while Jupiter enjoys the freedoms and privileges of adult life, Saturn is stuck dealing with cold, harsh reality. Many people find it difficult to deal with Saturn’s influence because it is exacting and serious, a heavy reality check. Most reality causes pain and not all are dispassionate enough to tackle their pain head on; for most of us, we seek ways to avoid the harshness of life. Hence why Saturn is also known as the lord of karma and is seen with a scythe: he represents the harvester reaping what has been sown.

The delay of waiting for seeds to sprout, which take weeks or months, is a necessary stage of growth. But, of course, if nothing has been planted, there will be no fruit to bear, no harvest, and no food for the winter. Many cannot take up the mantle of responsibility, instead preferring the quicker and larger satisfying rewards from Jupiter, who makes two whole revolutions around our star before Saturn can complete one journey. However Jupiter is known for his oversight and wantonness, whereas Saturn is experienced and cautious. Therefore Saturn’s payout is more satisfying as it requires an investment of effort and intention to become real.

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