Aries – The Ram





Aries is a cardinal fire sign, showing that its primary mode of being is intuitive. It is a sign of initiation and change. Aries signals hot and dry weather, being ruled by Mars. Aries is inflammatory, choleric, sterile, violent, bestial, intemperate, and mental-motive.

Symbolized by the ram, Aries is by nature rash, hardy, springy, lascivious and combative. Natives of this sign are subject to eruptive maladies of the head and face. Aries is associated with iron, red, Tuesday and dry, barren places.

The Aries energy is powerful, but its proper use must be cultivated. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents the leader, the pioneer. This native is courageous, brave, goal-oriented, a quick learner, and versatile. Much stimulation and activity is needed to keep the Aries Sun occupied. There is a tendency to nervousness and anxiety.

Aside from the mundane, the Aries person needs a goal to work towards that requires him or her to consider using their exalted qualities for the better of those around him. Otherwise the native may focus too much of his excitement on himself, selfishly using his innate talent for initiation to fulfill debased desires. These people need an objective compelling them to look outside themselves to brighten the darkness prevalent in society. The Aries person’s relation to ideas and physicality gives their lives the pioneering spirit to create something brand new, preferably with the intent to help all his brothers and sisters.

In esoteric astrology, Aries represents ‘idea in form,’ where the soul incarnating into flesh carries with it a divine message from the cosmos. As the soul grows, it has a certain purity accompanying the initial message, which is why Aries natives have so much zeal and passion. It is the reason why they appear headstrong and foolhardy to other sun signs; they come from another dimension with an instruction manual on what is needed in the world for progress. Yet they bump into society which pulls them every which way. Of course these people often feel conflicted and interrupted, frustrated when the concepts in their heads butts with the sentiments in others’.

Therefore the Aries native finds it better to live simply, in renunciation. The more he denies in the world, the purer his mind remains and the more he acts from the divine inner center. As he moves through the world, however, he is exposed to several influences and temptations which shake his inner core, causing the aforementioned nervousness and anxiety. For this reason, the best way to raise an Aries child is in a quiet, safe neighborhood and home.

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Planets found in Aries express themselves very bluntly and tactlessly. There is often a tendency to impatience and speed. More favorable results would be an aptitude for courage and pioneering. Any planets here can also signify maladies to the native’s face or head in some way.

House cusps found within this sign show where the native is most aggressive in directing their energies. For example, a second house cusp in Aries shows the native is very aggressive in obtaining material wealth and possessions; she cling to her beliefs and is very vocal about them to the point of enforcing her opinions upon others.

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