Leo – The Lion

Leo Keywords





Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac. The sign is hot, dry, masculine, positive. It is a fiery fixed sign, showing a resolute and passionate nature. Leo is symbolized by the Nemean Lion, who descended from the skies and was bested by Hercules. This sign occurs during the fervid heat of July and August when the Sun has attained its greatest power; the electric, fiery mind whose expression is often destructive, whose energy is often rapacious, daring, kingly, and commanding, yet generous and amiable. Emblem of violence and fury in hieroglyphic writings.

Rules the heart, spinal marrow, nerves and fiber. Associated with several male protagonists, orange, yellow, gold jewelry, coins, amber; high, round-topped hills, places with wild beasts, castles, etc.

Where Leo lies in the chart represents where the native shows off their wares and aptitude, being the sign of royalty and self expression. This sign more than any represents the pride of the ego, hence why people with the sun in this sign tend to be boastful, haughty, yet generous and kind. The severity of the ego’s untouchable qualities lies with aspects to and the placement of the sun. It is a sign where the self feels most comfortable expressing its achievements and power.

As such, the native must be properly taught of the correct use of his or her power. After all, a king can be benevolent and sincere to the plight of his people, or he can be selfish, tyrannical and demanding. Leo is represented by the lion, “king of beasts,” who answers to no one. Only respect and love stops him from slaughtering everything in sight. Therefore, in a horoscope Leo shows us our greatest potential to inspire others in our community or, if fame is granted, to the world.

Planets found within the sign of Leo are flavored with a desire to give of the self; there is always an inner expression with these placements (free from ego influences initially). This can either mean someone who talks big of themselves or acts like holy royalty, but it can be possibly the greatest source of inspiration, generosity and magnanimity in the entire zodiac.

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