Keywords for Pluto:

power, control, obsession, determination, investigating, penetrating, manipulation, detective work, study, science, hidden things, force, compulsions, emotional desires, occult, esoteric, sex, reproductive organs, nose, sense of smell, the subconscious, transformation, transmutation, metamorphosis, change, the spirit world, materializations, astral projection, overhaul, intensity, wealth, mines, resources, raw materials, oil, metabolism, death, rebirth, creative powers, growth, swamps, bogs, oligarchy, the unseen hand, murky matters, surgery, alchemy, domination, waste, recycling, refining process, poisonous fumes, lethal drugs, counter-irritants, abuse, emotional trauma, conscientious, purifying, regenerative, liberating, just, incorruptible, suspicious, destructive, decaying, vicious, sorrowful, suffering, deadly, violent, volatile

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Pluto is a powerful planet to be reckoned with. True to its name, this planet represents the hidden subconscious urges that influence us behind the scenes. Its effect is dominating, obsessive, and compulsive, being difficult to identify in waking consciousness. But whatever is exerting this control is illusory; in fact we are destroying ourselves from within. This is why Pluto can also stand for deep emotional trauma or abuse. However, it also represents the flip side of both: regeneration, healing, letting go, regaining power.

Pluto’s influence over the inner alchemy of the individual is so pronounced that this planet also represents death, both physical and metaphorical, the death of a paradigm that has outlived its utility.

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