The competitive nature originates from desires, whether it is the desire to win, to achieve recognition, for power, or for sexual conquest. The individual has his own conception of what should be in his reality and takes action to see it come to fruition. This energy is represented by Mars in the horoscope.

Aggression and conflict are most common with this planet because it represents a meeting of wills and intentions, which are not always in alignment. Looking at the symbol of Mars, it is the individual choosing a direction for activity; the spear points outward from the circle of spirit showing velocity and ambition. Therefore it’s easy to see how two people with different objectives can clash when they have varying intentions for the same resources. As such, Mars represents the drive we have to get things done and even the impatience to have it or see it immediately.

Venus in the Signs

Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aries
Mars in Taurus
Mars in Gemini
Mars in Cancer
Mars in Leo
Mars in Virgo
Mars in Libra
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Mars in Sagittarius
Mars in Capricorn
Mars in Aquarius
Mars in Pisces

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