Mars in Taurus

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Taurus, sign of practicality, reserve, resources, and artistic creativity. In detriment, Mars is more practical and patient before taking actions.

Mars is a fiery, ever-changing, explosive planet; Taurus is the most rigid, stable sign in the zodiac. Together, you get an interesting mix of seat-jumping zeal and quiet determination. People with Mars in Taurus tend to be quiet, reserved, and patient. Their daily motto is “slow and steady wins the race”. Taurus’ grounding nature calms Mars’ impulsive and brash nature, leading to a thoughtful, practical mindset. Natives with Mars in Taurus tend to be stubborn, just as people with Mars in Aries. However, these people can be stubborn due to lack of energy, laziness, or being set in their ways.

These are the leaders who show reserve and competence in the face of adversity. Mars in Taurus has a resilience that cannot be matched by other placements. These are people who can utilized their creativity in a leadership role to provide a path of material success for their followers. But first they must overcome their own tendency to take things too slow, sitting on their good ideas. People with Mars in Taurus can benefit from organizing their time and energy to make the most of each day. They should avoid multitasking at all costs.

As Taurus represents money, natal Mars in Taurus can signal a money-making mentality. These people are rarely without resources, as their energy is entirely devoted to material possessions. They are very likely to achieve long-term success in material gains. However, they must be careful not to fall into the trap of over spending and wastefulness as Taurus also represents pleasure-seeking activity. With Mars in detriment here, these people can indulge in sweets and sensual activities. They must also be mindful that their ego (Mars) may get attached to their material possessions (Taurus).

Mars represents the sex drive; people with this Mars placement enjoy their private times best when it is organized and structured, perhaps setting out a particular day or hour for such activity. Remember that Venus is ruler of Taurus, so Mars in this sign indicates an individual who loves to satisfy his or her sensual desires. When they properly set aside the time for personal pleasure, these natives ensure both partners are deeply satisfied. Alternatively, since Taurus is a rigid sign, these natives may prefer to stick to the same routines in their sex life.

Nevertheless, Taurus also rules art, music and beauty. People with Mars in Taurus may also be creative and original in artistic pursuits. They may enjoy bringing pleasure to other people with their artistic talents. They could be musically inclined, but that depends on other factors in their natal chart.

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1 thought on “Mars in Taurus

  1. I love what you said about multitasking and have found this to be the case! Focusing Mars on a task is so much more satisfying than flailing around trying to do multiple things at once. But I think it’s creative energy that could potentially work things out in such a way that multiple things are accomplished. Cooking is a great example. Cutting ingredients while something boils, essentially timing tasks correctly rather than doing it all.

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