The abundance of Mother Nature naturally leads to pleasurable moments, good times, good food, good music and good emotions. We quickly learn that giving of what we have in plenty is the surest way to keep the peace among our associates. Such is the energy of Venus, whose location in the natal chart tells us how we come to appreciate and share of our own abundance, sometimes material, sometimes emotional. It is the brightest planet in the sky, sharing its light with us all.

Being the ruler of Taurus, Venus can represent the quite obstinate energy of indulgence. It’s much like a rat that keeps pressing the enjoyment button: sometimes we can not realize that we are hurting ourselves because the good we feel is numbing to reality. Venus in this case represents greed and obsession with good feelings much to our detriment. She also symbolizes money and resources, which we need in this world to experience pleasure in the first place. Thus, banks, financial systems, personal belongings and possessions also fall under the rule of Venus.

The Libran side of Venus is the refined woman whose tastes have matured throughout experience. She no longer enjoys base pleasures, instead seeking higher quality past times, peaceful environments and respectful individuals. Think of museums, art galleries, fine wine, fine dining, fancy words, you get the idea. She can be vainglorious at times, caring a bit too much about appearances and not venturing deeper into the personality of her acquaintances. Venus may also seek peace at any cost, giving up her own wants and desires for her partner, in intimacy or business.

Venus in the Signs

Venus in the Signs

Venus in Aries
Venus in Taurus
Venus in Gemini
Venus in Cancer
Venus in Leo
Venus in Virgo
Venus in Libra
Venus in Scorpio
Venus in Sagittarius
Venus in Capricorn
Venus in Aquarius
Venus in Pisces


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