Sun in the Eighth House

Natal Sun in the eighth house shows a deep individual. The eighth house rules over our obligations, death and taxes, sex as an act, and depth of emotion and character. Having the natal Sun in this house indicates a very strong-willed person who has a lot of determination in their projects.

The eighth house has a lot of depth to it. Therefore, people with the natal Sun in the eighth house prefer events in their lives to have meaning. They enjoy diving into subjects they love and often they become obsessed with sciences, the occult, and other eccentric studies that require focus.

Because these natives love depth, they also want deep relationships with their friends and loved ones. They value partners they can grow and bond with. With this placement, these natives are intense, suspicious, penetrative, and very sexual as well.

Sex is very important and could even make or break their relationships. The eighth house gives them a strong sexual nature, especially if the natal Venus and Mars supports this too. Sex from the fifth house is very romantic and idealistic; in the eighth house sex is more primal and instinctual, given the eighth house’s similarity to Scorpio. So not only do these natives desire a deep sexual connection to their partners, the sex act is likely to be quite fulfilling for both partners involved.

Aside from sex, people with natal Sun in the eight house have a strong desire for deep communication with others. They like to ask questions, listen to the issues of people they care about, and offer advice and/or resources to help. Shallow people or concepts tend to be annoying or unfulfilling; hence, why these natives love the sciences, conspiracy theories, and other complex ideas that encourage them to ask more questions.

These natives have intense emotional states. Often they find themselves caring more for something than they initially thought. They form attachments to people and objects quickly and are willing to defend and protect them if they perceive danger. If they care a bit too much, however, these natives try to control others and may become obsessive or possessive as well. Sometimes they have to learn to appreciate what they “love” from a distance rather than trying to always manipulate the situaiton.

Since the eighth house is similar to Scorpio, these natives do have to be mindful of their shadow selves. The shadow self is the part of everyone that has potential for wrong or evil. These natives encounter their own dark sides quite often, especially in situations surrounding sex, finances, and the fear of death and loss.

People with Sun in the eighth house may find themselves responsible for others’ belongings or money as well. Inheritances are also likely if there are no undesirable aspects to the Sun. Their financial situation may increase after marriage, as they will be involved with their partner’s money as well.

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