Pluto in the Fourth House

Pluto is a powerful planet, representing transformation, regeneration, destruction, death, rebirth, the subconscious, trauma, psychology, and the intense side of our emotional nature. Pluto is also one of the outer planets, being beyond the visible range of the naked eye. With natal Pluto in the fourth house karma, the native is exposed to very intense external forces, most of which pull at his emotions.

For one, the fourth house represents the home. Naturally people born with natal Pluto in the fourth house are likely to experience very intense emotional power struggles at home. The fourth house represents the mother, so the mother figure will probably to control and manipulate the native during childhood.

Honestly, either parent may attempt to shape the native into what he or she desires. What results is psychological trauma and dozens of hours of therapy to treat those childhood wounds. As Pluto also represents the subconscious, these natives may form an unconscious habit of seeking out people who recreate the painful experiences from childhood.

Whether the parents are malicious or not, the native will have the life experience of having to struggle to find his or her own personal power despite the emotional persuasion, mind games, and gaslighting they will have to endure at home. Pluto will invite many mental and emotional tribulations that will test the resolve and mettle of these natives.

In other cases, betrayal by one’s neighborhood is possible, where the native experiences ridicule, bullying, and verbal, emotional, and physical abuse in school, at the playground, in afterschool programs, etc.

Unfortunately as Pluto does represent death and hidden things, this can lead to estrangement from the more nurturing parent. This can be through losing a parent, or the parent abandoning the family, as Pluto can also represent betrayal and abandonment.

Heredity and genetics also come under the rulership of the fourth house. These natives have the potential to change the trajectory of their family karma. Sometimes it can mean digging up the genetic history and tracing the family back previous generations. This can include finding out about family property and real estate.

In fact, natal Pluto in the fourth house is a great indicator that owning property like land or homes can be a great financial supplement or give the native a sense of power and ownership they previous could not attain. These natives want to be in control in their own houses as well, where they can retreat from the world and regain their strength and determination.

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