Aquarius – The Water Bearer

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With old Capricorn given his due, the most eccentric and energizing sign gets its turn. Aquarius, though represented by the Water-Bearer, is an air sign that symbolizes the connection that humanity shares as a family. Its fixed modality helps to keep Aquarian natives set on a particular goal; otherwise their wild and erratic mentality could never accomplish anything. Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, anything can happen with this sign!

The symbol of the water-bearer shows a young man pouring the thirst-quenching water of knowledge from his pitcher of infinity. What a wonderful metaphor for the sign! These people have unique personalities and unusual ideas that break the norms of society, adding a fresh perspective to everyone’s life. This sign also rules inventions, genius and the intellectual who contributes his talents to humanity.

In actuality, the Sun is at its detriment here, as the native must ultimately surrender the individuality to the human race. It is a sacrifice of one’s talents and progressive mindset. Although all signs are capable of contributing their own wisdom, none of them (save for Libra, where the Sun has its fall), give up their essential existence to benefit mankind as much as Aquarius. The Aries cuts the path forward, but still remains to himself; the Virgo advises but still keeps her individual sense of duty and obligation; maybe Pisces gives much of herself, but still she retains her own beliefs and dreams. The Aquarian is dead set on proving (to no one but himself, mind you) that he is a true unique being, only by adopting the mannerisms and customs of his fellow humans.

These natives will readily take on the mantle of rebel wherever they see a violation of rights. To them liberty and freedom of expression and thought are of utmost importance, and any encroachment on these essential human privileges are reprehensible. Aquarius, therefore, represents the revolutionary nature of man fighting against the rigidity of constrictive paradigms.

But even this noble quality can be misused; Aquarians find it very easy to latch on to any humanitarian cause, genuine or not. What could be progressive momentum to move humanity forward can just as easily be manipulated by a politician using a simple misleading slogan in his/her campaign.

Yet, aside from these qualities, Aquarius remains the life of the party. These natives have great connecting abilities and serve well as organizers or human resource managers. They interact with many more people than Geminis do and their ability to melt into a crowd is uncanny. Truly Aquarius is the sign of the people.

Planets found here tend to be accentuated by Aquarius’ knowledge and intelligence; it’s not uncommon for Aquarius-heavy people to be geniuses or innovative. Mercury or Saturn here especially makes the native great at mathematics, very fitting for a scientist. However Aquarius is a detached, unemotional sign, so it makes for fleeting friendships and gives intimacy issues.

Houses located in Aquarius usually show where the native tends to experiment or seek the unusual or uncommon in life.

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