Keywords for Neptune:

dreamy, spirituality, illusions, deception, fraud, lies, betrayal, ocean, fishing industries, divers, submarines, deep bodies of water, under-sea growth, voyages, spirituality, astral plane, mysteries, narcotics, alcohol, substance abuse, serums, anesthetics, opiates, gases, addiction, news, film, television, music, romantic love, idealism, beliefs, magic, hypnotism, telepathy, fog, haze, confusion, lack of boundaries, selflessness, lack of ego, mass emotions, service, sacrifice, higher love, devotion, feet, Pisces, twelfth house, delusions, photography, images, misunderstandings, dissolving the ego, inspirational, impressionable, mystical, spirit-perceptive, poetical, musical, vague, emotional, indulgent, super-sensitive, vacillating, scheming, obsessed, perversion, secrets, obscurity, receptive, mediumship

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As we blast further past Uranus, we come across a deep blue planet whose color is reminiscent of our deep blue oceans. Neptune, aptly named, is the most elusive planet in astrology; even its discovery was veiled in confusion. And that’s exactly what Neptune represents: mysteries, confusion, fog, illusions, delusions, lies, deception, and all the like.

Neptune is where boundaries dissolve away and the ego take a lunch break. It can represent idealism and romantic love, fantasy and dreams. Along the lines of things not clear, Neptune has dominion over film, music, art, the imagination, and photographs. It even rules beliefs and spirituality, both of which are intangible. This hazy planet also rules narcotics and alcohol, substances that can alter consciousness.

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