Tenth House

After we are finished learning about philosophies and compiling different viewpoints from around the world in the ninth house, we then go out into the world and put everything into practice. The tenth house represents our vocation, career and profession, job, and how the public at large views us. It is angular and thus a powerful place for any planet.

The fourth quadrant begins at the tenth house, focusing on awareness of the world. Tenth house is certainly aware of its place in society; it is ambitious, outgoing, angular, and thus very active in the person’s life. It can also show what the person values highly in his or her society, possibly to an obsessive degree depending on any aspects.

Here is the second influence of the parental units, mainly the father or the parent that encourages the native to pursue goals. The cusp of the tenth house is known as the Midheaven (or Medium Coeli, literally “middle of the sky”). It represents the highest point in the sky for the location of birth. Any planets conjunct to or aspecting the midheaven here will suggest much about the father, as well as the career choices of the individual.

The tenth house is related to the sign Capricorn and its natural planetary ruler is Saturn. It rules the knees, bones, and teeth.

Planets found in the tenth house will describe what we seek to accomplish and put out into the public sphere. Signs on the tenth house cusp suggest what type of career suits the native best, or how the general feeling that the public will get from him.

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