Scorpio – The Scorpion

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Many consider Scorpio to be the most devious of the zodiac. Symbolized by the intense life-or-death scorpion energy, Scorpio is heavily affected by its emotional desires. There is a reason why the Moon experiences her fall here: the emotions are not only intensified greatly, but to settle them and feel secure the native must struggle with satisfying their desires in a moral manner.

How fitting that the traditional ruler of this sign is Mars. Scorpio symbolizes surgery, detective work, scientists, magic and the occult. Scorpio is the watery version of Aries. But where Aries is the warrior who shouts across the battlefield for a 1-on-1, Scorpio is the tactician who calculates guerrilla strikes against the enemy. The intensity of Aries shifts from overt, crude and impulsive to secretive, methodical and determined.

Pluto is the modern ruler. Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is hidden, stern and exacting. There is no dealing with him; Pluto takes his due on time every time. But he does so in darkness, away from the light of the sun. As such, this sign represents unconscious urges that we fall victim to as humans susceptible to the desires of the flesh.

Yet, amid the dirt and grime attributed to this sign, there is also the light of regeneration, rejuvenation, and change. Those things we don’t like about ourselves can be transformed into something much greater. Scorpion energy challenges us to look inside ourselves and examine our unconsciousness, to investigate our true motivations and to recognize that everyone has these same urges within as well.

Planets found in Scorpio will express as more investigative, penetrating, and intensely emotional. The house cusp here will show where unconscious tendencies may affect the native.

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