Uranus in the Second House

Natal Uranus in the second house indicates an individual with unstable finances, atypical values, and odd-job careers. Uranus represents change, innovation, machinery, and other progressive ideals. It symbolizes the rebellion from tradition, a sense of empowerment through individualism. The second house deals with our money, our family-taught values, and possessions.

People with natal Uranus in the second house tend to fluctuate financially. Sometimes they are working an odd-job that’s paying top dollar; other times they are caught with an unexpected bill and have to start pinching pennies. In other cases, these natives might just easily find a sum of money waiting on the ground for anyone to pick up. They are also subject to random purchases that they later come to regret, as their values fluctuate just as often.

They are likely to have progressive values or be taught progressive ideas from their family. Through their values, these natives express their individuality and uniqueness. Friends and family alike may have their ears chewed off about humanitarian ideals. They could be the ultimate social justice warrior if they fail to draw the line somewhere and just live their own lives.

Work is another no-strings-attached deal with these natives. A traditional 9 to 5 would be too boring; instead they would rather come up with more creative ways to make money. Although Uranus in the tenth house symbolizes a mercenary sort of person, in the second house these manifest more as insights for crazy business ideas. Think Jackie Chan, Robert Downey Jr., Uma Thurman, and Richard Pryor. These individuals received fame from their abilities to perform insane stunts, tell wild jokes, or act in crazy roles.

Possessions also come and go with natal Uranus in the second house. Uranus is not a particularly emotional planet, so they are not likely to form attachments to things. Rather, these people will purchase many objects to find only a few things which really matter to them. They are just as likely to hold a yard sale to empty space in the house.

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