Sixth House

After amusements of the fifth house, we return to reality with the sixth house, a harsh slap in the face. This house concludes the second quadrant of the houses tied to self-expression. It is cadent and any planets found in this house will experience difficulty expressing itself through the native.

This house is all about work in the sense of daily tasks, the 9-5 job we do just for money. The idea here is what we give of ourselves in service to others and the sacrifices we make for the job. It is related to our daily habits that occupy our time. As such, this house also represents the skills we build in order to provide service for employers.

Sixth house is concerned with servants, civil workers, and other professions marked by duty and obligation to a cause bigger than self. Butlers, maids, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, government clerks, etc. are a few examples. Whereas the tenth house is focused on the public image and the head of an organization, the sixth house focuses on the people under the hood that keep said organization running.

The sixth house is also related to food, health and medicine, being loosely tied to Virgo. It rules the liver and digestive tract. Its ruling planet is Mercury, relating both to his vast medicinal knowledge and his analytical, discerning intellect.

Pets and domestic animals fall under the sixth house as well. People with planets here may have a fondness for animals and a desire to care for them. They are likely to work in veterinarian offices, as ecologists, biologists, or animal shelters. They may dedicate their lives to protecting endangered species by lobbying for legal protection.

Planets found in the sixth house indicate how we work, the skills we develop to give back to others, and our opinion or treatment of public officials and other civil vocations. The sign on the sixth house cusp will describe our views about work, health and our daily routines.

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