Venus in Pisces

Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, social interaction and finances, in Pisces, sign of the imagination, boundless creativity, spirituality, and infinite compassion. Here in the final sign, Venus is exalted and therefore expresses herself in a creative and harmonizing manner unlike in any other zodiac sign.

In Pisces, Venus is as romantic as she will ever be transiting through the zodiac. The imaginative, creative, compassionate and submissive nature of Pisces works exceedingly well with Venus’ qualities. People with natal Venus in Pisces are some of the kindest, most generous and hospitable people on the planet. They are sympathetic and adore serving people, even those who are suffering. They are impressionable and are easily swayed to the plights of people less fortunate than themselves. Venus’ placement here can indicate someone who indulges in pleasures, considering Jupiter’s rulership of Pisces.

These people are the perfect caterers, hosts/hostesses, hotel managers, butlers or servants, restaurant owners, and other careers in the service industry. Whereas most people see these careers as lowly or temporary, natives with Venus in Pisces can dream up fantastic ways to entertain their guests and gain financially. They can be very idealistic and romantic, which pours over into their work. Having Venus in Pisces also favors people who work in institutions, such as prisons, hospitals, rehab centers, etc.

This combination aids the creativity. Pisces in Venus natives have a very wild imagination and – if the rest of their chart permits – may be highly artistic, musically inclined, or otherwise creatively inspired. These natives appreciate both man-made and natural beauty and love talking about philosophy, spirituality, and other metaphysical topics. They may be able to gain financially through psychic, sensitive professions or side hustles as well.

People with natal Venus in Pisces have to be wary of their spending habits. They can easily find themselves splurging on spurious activities and inane possessions. However they can just as easily gain finances through charity and gifts from friends, organizations or their partners. If Venus is poorly aspected, the native has to guard their resources. They can be gullible sometimes and they must be wary of deception and fraud concerning their finances.

Venus in Pisces suggests these natives may date people of lower status than themselves. As Pisces is mutable, there is a chance of more than one serious relationship or marriage in their lives. Pisces is abstract and unworldly, making it tough for these people to know exactly what they want from a partner. They have such a high sense of idealism that they seek perfection from their partners. When the reality doesn’t match their romanticized expectations, they may abandon the relationship looking for their next idealistic mate.

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