Mars in Virgo

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Virgo, sign of facts, analysis, health, diet and service. In Virgo, Mars is capable of meticulous analysis and dutiful service.

As Mars transits through earth signs, its energy and passions are tempered. These natives most certainly look before they leap, due in part to the cautious nature of these signs which call upon our practical selves to make fact-based decisions. We definitely see glimpses of that pragmatism when Mars lies in Virgo in the natal chart.

People with natal Mars in Virgo may be intelligent, studious, responsible, duty-bound, industrious, detail-oriented, fond of laughter and humor, and have a respectable work ethic. They tend to direct their passions into a job or master who ultimately benefits from their hard work. For them, the act of helping and being of service to other people is honorable. They may be passionate about order and maintaining cleanliness in their own lives, described further by the natal house position of this placement. Pets and small animals may also hold a special place in their heart.

Think about civil servants, police officers, soldiers; doctors, veterinarians and other medical practitioners; dieticians, physical therapists; butlers and housemaids, even comedians: all of these services are deemed successful depending on the benefit of the recipient(s). A great example is the character Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, who was a loyal butler to the family yet still managed to slip in a few jokes occasionally. (Virgos love humor!) For a person with Mars in Virgo, adding value through assistance and service satisfies their own ego and sense of self.

These natives are eager to analyze and criticize a situation if it leads to a more refined version of the final product. They are more than capable of offering honest feedback as they enjoy dealing with facts and numbers and are capable of organizing large projects into sub-goals. If they can utilize details to their leader’s advantage, these people will make for the perfect assistants, data entry clerks, and any of the professions listed above. Although some may not find these positions to be lofty, they are absolutely necessary in the structure of a successful business or civilization. One cannot conduct the macro if the micro is in chaos.

The undesirable side of this placement appears when these natives cannot identify with a greater cause. People with Mars in Virgo need their ego to be satisfied first before it can produce efficiently and productively for others. If these natives cannot identify with their leader’s goals, with religious goals, or if they have misdirected their passion for order and analyzation into frivolous or trivial pursuits, they can easily be careless and disorganized. They may fail to maintain a healthy diet, be too critical of others’ work, overwork themselves into poor health, or be messy and have poor hygiene habits. They ultimately fail to be of service to themselves.

In sexual matters, natal Mars in Virgo natives are the typical “hot librarians”: quiet and reserved in public but sensual and exotic behind closed doors. Virgo represents the fine details, so these natives receive much satisfaction from sexually pleasing their partners in every way he or she wants.

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