Saturn in Pisces

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Pisces, sign of the imagination, boundless creativity, spirituality, and infinite compassion. In the final sign, Saturn symbolizes a struggle with the intangible.

Pisces and Saturn could not be any further different. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, and compassionate; Saturn is harsh, realistic, and exacting. Pisces represents what’s beyond boundaries; Saturn defines our limits. Pisces can be mysterious, confusing and unclear; Saturn is karmic and gives exactly what is earned. Therefore, when Saturn transits through the this sign, beliefs become a major challenge for these natives.

People with natal Saturn in Pisces tend to be more cautious than other Pisces placements. Saturn gives the compassionate, usually ditzy nature of Pisces a sober tone. Saturn slows down the imagination or puts a stop to it completely, directing that energy towards a more practical field. In this sense, Saturn in Pisces is beneficial because it puts these natives to work, whereas normally planets in Pisces tend to daydream. Other than that, these natives are gentle, stoic, calm, strong-willed, and merciful. They are light workers and enjoy recreational activities.

Although Saturn is grumpy, these natives are still optimistic and hopeful due to their trust in the divine. But even then, emotionally these natives need assistance. They are likely to fall into depression, escapism, and nihilism. During these moments they should avoid harsh drugs as Saturn will harshen their effects on the body. Natal Saturn in Pisces symbolizes a difficulty with abstractions, emotions, creativity, imagination, and even intuition. Thus these natives’ creative powers are limited or restricted in some way.

Saturn’s placement is likely to impact the belief in higher powers, destiny, luck, and providence. Perhaps these natives aren’t as fortunate as their peers, which causes them to live life with a rain cloud over their head. Or maybe they have prayed to their deity of choice and have yet to be answered. These events are a battle of attrition between the native’s faith and the reality of life. Eventually, as Saturn’s placement here suggests, people with natal Saturn in Pisces begin to lose and they have a choice to make: to keep believing in and reaching out to the unknowable, or to give up the “chase” and come back to the real world.

As a matter of fact, natal Saturn in Pisces suggests a fear of the unknown and unseen. These natives, unclear on how to properly sway the universe to their corner, are fearful of what will happen should they not perform their rituals, should they not pray, should they not follow the teachings. For some this placement will manifest as a fear of spirituality in general, where they simply refuse to look into that side of life. They will go through a dense life, lacking any spiritual purpose whatsoever for (hopefully only) part of their life.

For others, Saturn will consolidate their beliefs and strengthen them. Because Saturn is binding, these natives may over-identify with a belief, message, thought, group, etc. Faith may hold out in the long run, especially with supportive placements to Saturn in the horoscope. These people become devout followers who give all their trust and power to a religious order. It may lead to something as delusional (Pisces) as a cult organization, or any number of false religious/spiritual groups and businesses available today. These false prophets and religions help the native to realize that what they are dedicating their time and passion to is not the final truth.

Natal Saturn in Pisces indicates a lack of foundation and clear boundaries so that people take advantage of these natives. They don’t realize (or they realize too late) that their kindness is a opening for friends and parasites alike. After being betrayed and disappointed numerous times, these natives wise up about to whom they give their positive energy.

When they are finished being betrayed by their own trust in the world, in people, and in the divine, natives with natal Saturn in Pisces will have had enough and will decide to create their own religion or their own spirituality. Tired of the dogmatic games, these people combine what they have learned from the previous disappointing religions and spiritual groups to form their own spirituality that works for them. They could also go back to the historical roots of spirituality itself and begin a self-instilled discipline of ancient spiritual techniques.

If they are ambitious enough, these natives can even found a spiritual site or organization where they help other people who are struggling with their faith as well. In this way Saturn becomes a master of his own beliefs, which the world can benefit from through his example of spiritual discipline.

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