August 2019 Forecast

Welcome to the August 2019 forecast. We’ll look at the overall picture of August as well as some power aspects that occur during the month. All the major aspects and dates are in bold text. I suggest finding out which of your houses are affected so you can know how it will affect you specifically. Basically, the month of August is heavily focused on examining our social circles to see if they are truly holding us back or preventing us from fulfilling some aspect of ourselves.

August starts out with Venus in Leo trining Chrion Retrograde in Aries, which suggests this is the time to find those loving relationships that heal and nurture us. That Venus is also squaring Uranus which shows some excitement in our relationships; negatively it could be us breaking from those comfortable friendships that aren’t pushing us to evolve; we may feel constricted from being our genuine selves. It signals a social adjustment and avoidance of boredom.

Saturn is also still conjunct the South Node, showing some lingering tendency to stick to old habits and patterns. Or it could be using what we know to push ourselves forward, setting a reliable foundation for our purpose set forth by the North Node. Saturn will give to or allow us only the result of the effort we have contributed. If there is little resistance to what we are used to (signaled by the South Node), those unhealthy, debilitating habits will be hardened and ingrained into our consciousness. However, the opposite applies if we have been genuinely seeking ways to mature and experience more responsibility for our our growth.

As mentioned above, Venus enters Leo during the last few days of July. In Leo, Venus wants to express herself creatively through artistic mediums. She has a desire to be appreciated for her talent. We could also experience some enjoyment with children during this month. After all, we only have one more month of summer before the government forces you to send your children to their mis-education institutions. Make the most of this last stretch of summer!

Mercury stations direct the first of the month, meaning the time of review and thinking is over. It’s now the perfect time to resume action on things we’ve been planning or reviewing the past few months. Send those emails and buy those plane tickets, people.

August 7 – Venus conjunct Sun, both trining Jupiter: this is a great day for hanging out with friends or hosting/attending a social event. We feel a sense of joviality that just cannot be put down, and sharing it with others is the best use of this energy. 

August 7 also marks the beginning of the second quarter of the Moon’s cycle, as the Moon squares the Sun. We can use the lunar quarters as key times for observing our most important projects. During the new moon on July 31, we can set an intention to accomplish something in our lives, whether it’s work related, family related, self-oriented, whatever. The period between the New Moon and the second quarter are meant to define this project or goal.

Now at the second quarter, we can start taking action to make our goal a reality. With Jupiter retrograde squaring Neptune retrograde, we have a chance to grow internally and reveal any hidden aspects of ourselves. When Jupiter is retrograde, we look inwards and focus on our own spirituality, while Neptune retrograde reveals the mist clouding our visions. We have an opportunity to expand within, which is unusual in our western civilization where everything is external and material. For this particular second quarter, focus on uncovering subconscious blockages that prevent you from expanding.

And speaking of Jupiter, on August 10, he stations direct, continuing forward motion on August 12. Our internal philosophies and spiritual ideologies that we have been pondering and developing over during the retrograde period are now able to be externalized and contribute to our outward growth. As Jupiter passes through Sagittarius, we may be optimistic about life, but there is also a tendency to dominate the opinions of others. Look to your house to see where this energy will be directed the most. 

August 12 is an important day, when the Moon will be conjunct to Saturn and the South Node. We will undoubtedly feel the limitations that keep us tied to old habits this day. In addition, this placement is inconjunct (or 150 degrees) away from the Sun conjunct Venus placement, suggesting a need to adjust our friendships and relationships that are holding us back from forward progression.

The Full Moon on August 15 is when we should see the culmination of whatever project we initially thought of at the New Moon and began working on during the second quarter. It’s bringing awareness to our relationships once again – who is fostering our creativity and appreciates our inner child versus who is trying to keep our inner child subdued and frightened, pushing us to acquiescence instead of uniqueness.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23, at the same time it will conjunct both Venus and Mars. This day also begins the fourth quarter of the lunar cycle, when we examine the results of our project, keeping what we want and pruning the undesirable. Unfortunately Venus does not do well in Virgo, as who wants to hear the melancholy facts and details when they are out socializing and having a great time? It seems this conjunction is more about finding out where we feel most comfortable being of service to others. This is bolstered by the trine to Uranus over in Taurus – we might be surprised what we find exciting and pleasurable by being a helping hand to someone new and unexpected. With the Sun here as well, there is attention brought to this as we examine the finer details of our relationships. There will be some sudden action (Mars trine Uranus) that puts us to work, so expect the unexpected during this time!

Finally, August ends the social examination with a New Moon stellium in Virgo. We have a party of the personal planets all in Virgo: Venus, Mars, the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury are all present and accounted for. Having done the work of reviewing our social contacts and relationships and their worth to our evolution all August, we now have an opportunity to evaluate their utility in our evolution. This cycle is about efficiency in our relationships; we have to now to be realistic about how our friends are impeding or assisting our growth as individuals. 

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