It’s Poll Time!

Greetings all!

I have recently been thinking about how I can be more connected with you guys, the readers. Obviously one of the best ways is through email newsletters right?

Imagine me being able to inform you on just about every astrological event going on every week. You’ll be informed and able to navigate the reality with an innerstanding of what’s going on in our neighborhood of the cosmos.

The content within the emails are EXCLUSIVE, meaning you will receive my personal thoughts and insights on content that won’t be featured on the site, or at least will contain more information than what’s in my posts. Just one of the perks!

Of course, I’ll need to make an email chain and list and blah blah. That will get done, no problem. But now I need something from you

Help improve the site! Voice your opinion.

I already have a few ideas about what I want to include in the emails. You can vote in the poll below and I will definitely include the top three topics most voted for!

But of course I’m curious about what you expect in terms of email content. If I were to start an email newsletter, what do you want to know about? Comment down below what you’d like to see and heck I may even incorporate it when the newsletter gets rolling!

Thanks a ton and enjoy your week! 🙂

Take the survey here.

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