January 2021 Forecast

Happy New Year!

Am I back for good? Who knows.

But today, we’ll be looking at what we can expect from the month ahead. 2020 was one helluva year, and it kickstarts a decade of economic and social upheaval, especially in the united States.

But I want to focus on you and me. On things we can verily control and have influence over. It doesn’t do us any service to talk 60 miles about any government organization, when we can’t even get an honest, clear vote count on the most important event.

House system at 0° Aries for neutral location.

The first thing I want to mention is that Chiron is in Aries. Such a beautiful time for going inward and healing yourself.

Chiron in Aries – Rediscovering Identity

Chiron is an asteroid in the asteroid belt. In astrology it signifies an inner wound from childhood that we carry with us throughout our life. It’s imperative that we learn to deal with this wound sooner rather than later; if not, we tend to find ourselves addicted to this pain, seeking more situations that pour lemon juice on the wound.

In Aries, Chiron is specifically focused on the self, the TRUTH of who we are, and with self identity. After the connection with Mars earlier in 2020, we all have been feeling some urges, externally or internally, to deal with our deep rooted issues.

On a personal level, those issues are likely to depend on where Chiron transited in your chart, as well as where your natal Chiron is located.

Mars Enters Taurus (Jan 7th)

Mars will also transit into Taurus on January 7th, where he’ll make a conjunction with Uranus. This is a moment of high octane energy geared towards new insights, new experiences, and new values (Taurus). Uranus has certainly been doing a lot to change what we value and hold dear. It is also probably why we have seen such an increase in the value of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin.

January will be a great period for getting into what you like, investing in yourself, and also going with the flow of changes you may have been feeling this past year or so. Many people can ride off the excitement of this year and begin to fulfill their personal goals.

We can further see this by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the winter solstice. Pretty soon people are going to need to prove their worth to society as a whole. Jupiter is about expansion, providence, and growth, while Saturn is about the foundation, the tradition, the formula that works.

Together this creates a powerful momentum for success! It presents an opportunity to consolidate on something worthwhile to society – leaving one’s mark, so to speak. With the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, the focus is on efficiency, productivity and utility.

We need to understand that now, more than ever in human history, we have to find our true positions in society and fulfill that role.

We need to understand that we are connected, and are not just individual worlds roaming about. VERY SOON, we are about to find out just how linked we are to our communities, families and friends.

Venus Square Neptune – Romanticism and Imagination

When Venus and Neptune are involved in hard aspects (square, opposition, sometimes conjunction) it tends to mean deception or avoidance in some manner. Interactions can be confusing, particularly dealing with beliefs as both Neptune and Venus both lie in Pisces and Sagittarius, respectively.

Sagittarius represents that goal we shoot towards, which is always shifting towards our highest ordeal. We have our passions that we love to indulge in and explore. That doesn’t necessarily make us bad people.

But Neptune in Pisces, which Neptune also rules, is difficult to see through. Falsities and lies are being manufactured by the minute, and there is little the average person can do to purify their media stream. It’s even getting hard to maintain families, friendships and relationships because of what people believe.

This month can be rough in terms of who we feel comfortable sharing with. This may be the perfect time to wean out who your real friends are, or who it is that you appease. Part of being a responsible adult is identifying what kept us acting like children and eliminating those triggers for behavior patterns we no longer need.

Neptune signifies selflessness and lack of boundaries, so sometimes we may be giving in more than we need to for a comfortable feeling. But the way this world is headed, we are certainly better off with people whose time we value.

That being said, we can feel a very strong urge to escape our reality with drugs, alcohol, or drowning ourselves in the copious amounts of media available. But this is a perfect time for self-reflection and trying to sift out truth from illusion.

Venus Enters Capricorn – Jan 9

We may see our relationships go cold on us, or we might only pursue those that help us achieve an ultimate goal. Venus in Capricorn suggests we may start building long lasting relationships that are solid and committed.

The manifesting ability of Capricorn can turn a profit if used properly. This is a ripe time to make an investment for the long term. This could be a literal investment, as with money, real estate or a business, or investing emotionally with another person.

Uranus Stations Direct – Jan 15

Finally Uranus resumes its forward motion in the middle of the month, just before Aquarius season. It definitely crashes it way through the party, beginning with a square to a stellium in its own sign: Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury all stand at odds with this forward momentum of Uranus.

It’s almost obvious how this ties into the mundane level. We see this with the close conjunction of Mars who entered Taurus earlier this month. With such an aggressive push for new regulations and travel restrictions for COVID-19, there is bound to be pushback by the masses.

All this tension may stir up anger and frustrating emotions. This is very much a time to go out and cooperate, though that is difficult considering the economic and political landscapes going into 2021.

The successful people of tomorrow will have to adjust big time to the needs of their society. Uranus also represents inventors and innovation; perhaps we can see a rise in new technology related to the blood, seeing as Mars is conjoined. A vaccine perhaps?

However Uranus is also experimenting in new territory, unexpected turnouts, surprises; hence it’s passage through Taurus and the harsh interaction with all the planets in the sign of humanity. Is everyone on the same page for the same future? Or is there a big surprise around the corner?

I think we are going to find out soon that we have a choice to make; no longer can people sit on the fence and play both sides of any story. People will have to choose their inner circle and discern for themselves who .

Only time will tell.

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