Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: Change Your Game NOW

What can you create?

How can you add value to your immediate society and community?

What products can you bring to the table with the resources available at hand?

Have you been thinking about starting your own business?

Is it a business that doesn’t require you to outsource the work?

These questions are paramount to the current experience, as demonstrated by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on Jan 12, 2020.

Lately I have been meditating about how this current Saturn-Pluto cycle will affect the times we live in. Every astrologer loves to say the structures of old standing institutions will crumble and make way for newer foundations, that finances are going to be heavily affected, etc. But I attest that the clearest example is presenting itself, with the number one rupture to the old foundation being the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month and a half, the new strain of coronavirus is proving to be a troublesome pestilence, being more contagious than the flu and with a 10% mortality rate. The fact that it’s spreading like wildfire across the entire planet is certainly alarming.

Although this post isn’t trying to raise fear about the coronavirus, perhaps Saturn and Pluto are.

One of the most interesting things that WILL happen as a result of China and other countries shutting down entire cities is that globalization will be severely halted. This means our favorite clothing brands, gadgets, medicines, fabrics, knick knacks, and anything else will not be leaving the communist country anytime soon while this cosmic drama plays out. Industries will be forced to operate domestically.

Naturally I have some questions: What will you do when your deepest dependencies are exposed? If you can’t receive your “precious” goods from overseas, can you produce it on your own? Can you produce them en mass for your neighborhood and community?

As the power shifts from exportation to individuals, how many people are prepared to sew their own clothes, manufacture their own coffee mugs, or gather raw materials and transport them to a factory? How many of us are experienced with processing raw goods into salable products?

America has become so dependent on outsourcing its businesses that she now has to learn how to produce for herself.

This will force everyone in this country to “put up or shut up.” If you have the potential to produce something great using the immediate resources available to you, you shall receive the platform to make it happen. More accurately – the universe is providing you the opportunity to prove your industrial worth to America, since foreign countries cannot provide it for us. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will provide impetus for your activity, business, and foundation to get you started and settled in the game for the next upcoming months and years.

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However, if you are actually useless to society, if you cannot provide value to the American public, your time is up. You are being exposed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as fundamentally useless in your country. Not only can you no longer hide behind your profits from outsourcing, but the money you have will be forfeited, your resources dwindling as you struggle to maintain the image of control you possessed in the “glory days” of globalization.

While I don’t expect the coronavirus to last forever, the impact it will have on America (and possibly other countries) will have long-lasting effects on how she produces goods for herself and her dependency on other countries.

As America potentially reaches her peak power in modern times, what story will you tell your children about its rise to power?

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