Mercury in Virgo

Mercury, the planet of all forms of communications, learning, and short distance travels, in Virgo, sign of facts, analysis, health, diet and service. Mercury not only rules Virgo, but is exalted and finds it easy to express itself.

Mercury rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo. They perfectly showcase the dual nature of Mercury, which can be seen in the mythological character as well. In Gemini, Mercury is concerned with sharing the knowledge of the gods to the common man. The airy side represents him in the presence of the gods, gathering that knowledge and learning with whom to share it.

In Virgo, Mercury is on the earth and is currently sharing the information with human beings. It is here that he begins to show humanity the correct way to live, discriminating between right and wrong information. As the Caduceus, Mercury directs souls to their proper path to prepare them for the afterlife.

In astrology, having natal Mercury in Virgo is much the same way. These natives are very intelligent, analytical, and service-driven. They have a healthy sense of humor and appreciate joking banter. They believe in perfection of ideas and implementation. They have incredible attention to detail and are keenly observant. They are also practical and have retentive memories. Natives with Mercury in Virgo are often shy, quiet and reserved.

As Virgo is a mutable sign, these natives can deal with vast amounts of information at a time, making them the best organizers and categorizers in the zodiac. Their minds are capable of comprehensive tasks while retaining the order and structure of the ideas. These people can not only see that everything has its own place; they can name that place and create a mental space for it in the world.

Thus why everyone seems to think Virgoans are uptight. When examining the work of other people, Mercury in Virgo natives offer their advice out of love for the perfect, ideal situation that could be. However, Mercury isn’t too intelligent when it comes to emotions, and very often these people themselves lack the emotional depth that most people would enjoy in a personal relationship. Hence, jokes and laughter substitute what would normally be emotional relating.

Natives with natal Mercury in Virgo are more susceptible to chronic anxiety issues. They can become obsessive with organization and perfection, to the point where it interferes with the structure of and relationships in their lives. This stems from over-caution and skepticism. They can seem most critical at times when they lack awareness of how they come off on others.

If natives with Mercury in Virgo can find a place for themselves as the organizers or analysts of an organization, they will be very content in their work life. They do best when they can serve and present the results of their findings to their superiors and offer criticism when requested. They do well in fields of mathematics, science, medicine, healing, nursing, chemistry, civil duty, and cleaning.

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